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Meet daniella sachs

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REIMPACT has been founded by Daniella Sachs, a disruptive strategic impact designer.


Daniella's superpower is her ability to chart the unknown to identify and connect dots that most people do not even see are there.


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My Story

You get what you design for, so how can we design for more? 

Over the last 20 years I have been on a quest, fuelled by this question. A quest to understand how to design, innovate and build products and programs that have real impact on the world. 

My obsession with figuring out how to unleash the power of design to create exponential impact has led me on a journey that has spanned continents and industries.

From green architecture, to conservation, sustainable tourism and international development, all the way through to launching, building and supporting purpose-driven businesses. Across Africa, Australia, Indonesia, the Middle East, Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific and Europe. Working with NGOs, communities, governments, development agencies, organisations, businesses, students and entrepreneurs. 

All of this has made me a uniquely multi-faceted, multi-disciplinarian and multi-sectoral strategic designer, facilitator, speaker, coach, writer and podcast host.

My podcast "What's Design Anyway" delves into the multi-facets of design, and what they can bring to the realm of business.

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I am always excited to chat to, and collaborate with, like-minded people doing exciting and inspiring things. So do reach out and connect, I’d love to hear from you.

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